PROUDLY PRESENTING Ken Block’s GYMKHANA EIGHT Ultimate Exotic Playground In The Hot Streets Of Dubai! THIS IS EVERY DRIFTER’S DREAM!!!

Ken Block is and will be the best drifter of all times and the Gymkhana Eight show is just continuing its tradition. Now they have moved to the hot and sunny Dubai to make some stunts that SHOULD never be copied and tried to be made at home by the normal drifters. As we know Ken Block and the Gymkhana Eight show have been moving around the world to make people excited and to give them the chills too, making them addicted to the drifting sport as we know it and beyond.

Driving the famous Ford Fiesta RX43 which has been made the ultimate drift vehicle he will try to make some stunts that have never been done before. Ken Block has been pushing this Fiesta to the limits and the mechanics know that already, that’s why they are always upgrading the equipment to make the car even better. Being a small car is what gives leverage on the drift track and Ken Block has been using the capabilities of the car in any way possible. Pushing the engine to 650 HP which is too much for a small car like that he is able to make drifts that the other people are only dreaming about it.

The car is able to go from nor to sixty in just 1.8 seconds. This is extraordinary performance and the Gymkhana Eight has been known about this result. This is ultimate exotic playground in Dubai and Ken Block is going to show what he has learned for the time passed.

From all the wind that is blowing in Dubai and the surrounding deserts there is too much sand on the track and Ken Block will use it too. To make spectacular show as the city of Dubai has never seen before from a driver.


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