Are you ready to witness some of the most outrageous and unseen maneuvers ever seen in a workplace?! You guys better be ready to laugh your heart out, because these guys on the video below are sure going to make you laugh like crazy.

I guess they were a bit bored with their daily jobs so they decided to brighten things up a bit in the warehouse. They set on a mission for themselves to take a pump truck and pull out the most epic drift ever! You are definitely going to be impressed by these guys. Just don’t get any crazy ideas in your heads to do the same. Your boss might not like it if he sees you πŸ™‚ LOL

One of the workers is certainly skilled, but you can’t say that for the other one I’m sure! Laugh some more and SHARE this to your Facebook friends so everybody can have a laugh!


85 thoughts on “Pump Truck Drift Fail – HAVEN’T LAUGHED LIKE THIS IN YEARS! 500k FB SHARES!

  1. Richard

    If I was managing that whorehouse and caught my employees doing that they would be looking for another job. That is how people get seriously injured on the job. Not only does it cost the company money but it cost the tax payer money when the injured employee files a WCB claim.

    1. Mac

      Come on Richard, chill out man. This was made only for fun. It’s not like they hurt anybody or damaged anything. A person gotta have some fun from time to time right? πŸ™‚

      1. Dragan

        Richard is right If some one gets hirt realy bad the minister of labor will get involve and the company can get fined big time Because of unsafe workers

        1. Mac

          Yeah of course Dragan, no employee should be irresponsible. I sure hope these guys did this only once and nothing bad happened.

      2. JoeSnow

        It’s because of jackasses like the ones in this video that health insurance premiums are as high as they are. I’d fire them, too, after seeing the video.

        1. Mac

          Well it seems that these guys are very lucky their boss didn’t found out.

        2. funnyguy

          No its because of people like you tight cutters voting for Obama and encouraging his “affordable care act” that insurance premiums have risen. Cry on. This was hilarious and I hope more people do this. Conform your way.

          1. Mac

            After all, people have the right to have fun right? πŸ™‚

    2. Douglas

      Well if I was managing a whorehouse, I would not like my employees riding fork trucks either.

      1. Mac

        Haha πŸ™‚ Is that a possible career in the future Douglas? πŸ˜€

    3. chris

      Sure hope this isn’t a whorehouse lol

    4. Dave

      You don’t know very much about WCB Richard. Companies pay huge premiums for insurance and when a worker does get hurt WCB helps the worker like they live in some third world poverty stricken country.

      1. Mac

        I think these guys didn’t care at all about getting injured Dave. It seems the only thing they care is the fun πŸ™‚

    5. Mich

      Lol Richard!

      How boring are you?

      1. Mac

        Mich please, no insults. Thanks.

    6. John Styles

      I totally agree .
      This is how accidents happen .
      Then these idiots will claim from the company and we will all pay for their ignorant.
      I would say that their boss has seen this and hopefully given them a warning.

    7. Don Dada


      1. Mac

        Hahaha πŸ™‚ That was a good one Don…lol

    8. jeremy

      Is that what you would do Richard ?…well guess what no one cares what you would do!

      1. Mac

        How would you react if you saw your employees do this Jeremy?

    9. Jez

      Exactly! We had someone doing the exact same thing and that was his final straw and he was later dismissed.

      1. Mac

        Damn! I hate to be in his place…

    10. oldgoat

      Obviously, you’ve never been in your 20’s, working with a bunch of guys. This will happen. Yes, its against the rules. No, they don’t care. Young and dumb.

      1. Mac

        Everyone has to go through that experience. It’s how we become more mature and wiser.

      2. warren

        well said oldgoat, 30 years ago a lot of fun. Now, are u guys crazy??

    11. Joseph

      Richard, you do realize you said whorehouse, right? Funny thing right there.

    12. joe

      Most tax payers are people who make good money in warehouse and excetra.. U gross 1200 a week and bring home 800 ? 400 a week goes to this so they pay for it bum ass

    13. Andrew

      Stfu? This isn’t a vid about safety. Get a life

      1. Mac

        I would say safety is the last thing the guys on the video thought of when they did this πŸ˜€

    14. mike

      Damm that look fun I am in Canada who care there fun I use to race electric stand on pumptruck and they can booggie

      1. Mac

        Haha, that must have been a lot of fun Mike lol

    15. aiden

      Just to point out that it’s no whorehouse
      It’s in fact a warehouse.

    16. Melissa

      Exactly Richard. When one manages a “whorehouse” you must always make safety a premium concern.

      1. Mac

        Of course Melissa. Safety first πŸ˜‰

    17. jim

      Hey Richard I dont see any Whores in there….im guess’n that why your not managing a warehouse….just sayn

      1. Mac

        Seems like the perfect job from one’s dreams a Jim? πŸ˜€

    18. Joey

      *Snickers* Whorehouse LoL. Show me the women ????

  2. fwesh

    if it really was a whorehouse they would have a better way to spend their time richard.. πŸ™‚

  3. jeff

    It is funny, but from a management stand point, I agree with Richard. These guys are probably $12-15/hr employees and who will be blamed when they get hurt screwing off?

    1. Mac

      Lucky for them their boss didn’t show up πŸ™‚

    2. joe

      And I work in a warehouse and make more then my manager so how u feel ? 22 an hour not to shaby to there 580 sallery

  4. Chris

    I work 2 miles underground, and ride on the back of a tiny train whipping through a tunnel full of wires, pipes, and bolts sticking out of the wall. This is not a big deal. There are real jobs with much more danger and much less fun. So chill

    1. Mac

      I agree with you Chris. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    2. Zack

      I ride a train through the snow every day, and work on the lines 14hrs a day for 15/hr no not safe no not fun, guys gotta do what hes gotta do, and by ride the train, i mean hang off the side with nothing but a bar to hang off and a small spot just enough for my 2 feet to stand on, of course yours sounds more dangerous but ya know just sayin,

      1. Mac

        You’re one hell of a tough man Zack. Kudos to you my friend!

  5. matthew

    A few years ago me & a couple of workmates had a jousting competition with 2 forklifts. It was all fun & games until 1 of the guys got scared. He jumped off his forklift as it was moving and it kept going until it crashed into 1 of the trucks parked in the yard…….we laughed about it for ages

    1. Mac

      Haha that must have been very funny Matthew. I’m glad nobody got hurt by the way.

  6. Ricy

    depends where you live some provinces you got no right to anything soon as you say ok to wcb claim.Anyone on here saved enough money to live for 6 month or yr?I am thinking no so Your out of the picture before you even wake up..If you can see one of your work has the potenial to hurt him self maybe you should be in charge of anything other than wipen your own butt after you #2.If you can see it and you don’t fire them soon as its clear they could be dangerous your the idiot that shares some of the guilt.Nobody snorts coke in the lunch room cause there worried about how you feel there worried about fired cops ware house manger are the 17$ hr lowest level tyrants who can’t even think past FILL TRUCK to formulate thoughts we need to make so people can’t climb under the 10,000 roller conveyor when they drop something by mistake then there whole entire head of hair gets ripped off .Till it does and then someone tells them to.Gun control should be when you can’t confine your stupid to inside your car house yard office and when standing in a busy spot to inside your head I get to control my gun to your head and blammo chance is over stupid better luck next time.I dont kare how it was spelled either get a life.

  7. Jerry

    Speaking as someone who was safety chairman for a bargaining unit of 350 workers, this is probably representative of the greatest majority of workplace accidents. Dealing with the victims afterwards was not always fun and games. Their number one comment afterwards is usually, ” I can’t believe how stupid I was ! “

    1. Mac

      Did a lot of accidents happened in the organization where you worked Jerry?

  8. Mark

    Yeahs it’s funny because it’s not your investment that’s why you morons never get any where..

    1. Mac

      Hey come on Mark… After all, in this video nobody got hurt and nothing was damaged.

  9. Kevin

    Don’t be so god damn lame!!! A Fun work environment is a good environment.

    1. Mac

      I agree Kevin. It improves the work efficiency πŸ™‚

  10. corrion

    Lol bloody hilarious, you know the problem with most of you complaining on this page about responsibility is the fact that you’ve gotten used to everything being brought back down to a dollar value.
    Mac is right, live a little and have fun every now and then.
    You lot ssound like a bunch of pensioners.
    You do the crime,you do the time and take responsibility for your own actions.
    When was the last time you climbed a tree or went hiking in the rain???

    1. Mac

      I can’t agree more with you Corrion.

  11. cory

    Don’t be a Richard…Richard

    1. Mac

      Hahaha πŸ˜€ lol

  12. Matt

    Ok, it was funny; fortunate no one was injured and I’m sure everyone acknowledges it is very irresponsible. So to all those H&S warriors; you are completely right. To everyone else; yup it’s funny but don’t repeat what you see here unless you are properly supervised with the correct PPE

    1. Mac

      Couldn’t said it any better myself Matt.

  13. mr Knight

    give it a rest you bunch of boring knobs. I bet A FEW OF YOU DON’T MANAGE ANYTHING. ALL IN YOUR HEADS LOL

    1. Mac

      Yeah, we’re all just wannabe managers πŸ˜€ lol

  14. Iain

    Does anyone here know how to speak and type in English?

    1. Mac

      Well some of us didn’t had A in English but we’ll improve πŸ˜‰

  15. shaka

    Wow u ppl are so boring…it was just a bit of fun …u all sound like the type of ppl who would rat on other employees just to.kiss ass ….you only live once have fun while ur alive

    1. Mac

      Yeah Shaka all people should have fun and enjoy life.

  16. Bart

    If you don’t find this funny your the joke.

    1. Mac

      I guess this is not for grumpy people πŸ™‚

  17. Austin

    Typical. Everyone bitches instead of seeing the fun in it. We don’t really care whether you would fire them or not. You aren’t their employers. Count your lucky stars that these aren’t your employees, laugh a little and loosen up. You know, it takes more muscles to frown than smile!

    1. Mac

      You said it right Austin!

  18. Kelly

    Buncha bird dogs. Have a little fun. If you get hurt being a dumb ass don’t be an idiot and make a claim. Is it not an unwritten rule.

    1. Mac

      Well said Kelly. Anyone would be tempted to do this πŸ™‚

  19. mike

    Where I live those things they are riding on are called palet jacks …a pump truck is something u haul concrete in. Have some fun…just not in front of the boss…and never post these things. ..thats where u get in trouble.

    1. Mac

      Obviously these guys don’t care about getting into trouble Mike. The fun they had was more important than anything else πŸ™‚ lol

  20. Frank Bowers

    guys are having a little fun what’s the big deal? That’s the problem with most people today. Always looking at the negative side

    1. Mac

      Couldn’t said it any better myself Frank. Kudos to you my friend! πŸ™‚

  21. Lily

    I’ll admit. Before I would have laughed but now that I manage our operations I would have sh*t canned these fools. I know the costs involved with accidents and it frustrates me to see such immaturity.

    1. Mac

      Some people stay kids even if they have grown up Lily. They still need to play around with toys πŸ™‚

  22. senganga

    The guys at my work place used to do this. At times 2 of them would ride together. 1 steering and the other propelling. It’s all about having a bit of fun.

    1. Mac

      Have you tried it Senganga? πŸ™‚

  23. Tweedle Dee

    If hirt doing something like this, you would be denied on an insuarance claim. So all you no-fun police can calm down.

    1. Mac

      Haha πŸ˜€ Maybe this will sort things out Tweedle Dee.

  24. mike

    Hay I have worked in warehouses, but not whore houses most of my life. Im retired now, and let me tell you at 62 I WOULD be the first to try this even if I was the boss. Man it makes a better crew if they play a little. Better team work, better attude. Only thing I would different is move the stock so it didnt get damaged. Lighten up Scruge Mc duck!!

    1. Mac

      Sounds like a very good business strategy Mike πŸ˜‰

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