RAW PARTY – 1,000hp Twin-Turbo Escalade VS Nissan GT-R !!! !!! Cool sports car against huge Monster SUV!

1000 horsepower! But that’s before Hennessey specialists have done their work! The car in this little video clip has been named HPE 1000 Cadillac Escalade Twin Turbo. “1000” is what is most noteworthy here, it refers namely to the horsepower under the hood. Yes, you read correctly, this car has a thousand horsepower!

With that in place it makes 0-60 miles (just under 100 km / h) in 3.3 seconds! This makes it capable of coping with most supercars.

Then there’s race! It’s just what Hennessey wants to demonstrate in the video below. Set them up their super-Escalade against a completely “standard” Nissan GT-R, the honk goes three times -- and then there’s race! Completely unscientific, of course. It feels really cool!


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