YOU THINK YOU HAVE SEEN IT ALL? NOT THIS RC Drifting – The Fun Never Stops!!!

The updated version of the radio-controlled model for drift from Maverick, has a new radio system with frequency 2.4GHz, together with power battery NiMh 1800mAh and a charger.

Series models Maverick Strada has been updated to the new EVO standards! Standard equipment now includes the latest digital equipment with a frequency of 2.4GHz, and saves you from the problems with the change of quartz and protects from the intersection of frequency and radio frequency interference. Also EVO models are built on the chassis with a completely new design, which makes the model harder and more reliable, and fun of model management – more!

For today we offer you a phenomenal video with two awesome Maverick Strada DCs showing brilliant drifting performance with I must say totally cool music in the background. One of them is a Mustang Boss 302 Body from HPI with brushless DC electric motor and the other has a 22T 540 Motor. This video is a courtesy of YouTube user Rcweekends. Enjoy the show friends! 🙂


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