WOW! RECORD BRAKING WHEELIE !? This Mad Truck Lunatic Has Got Some Skills!!

This is definitely one of those videos that makes you feel the rush and can not help it but admiring the driving and stunt skills of the driver. This 2 plus tons monster truck called Liva Killa at Louisiana Mudfest is showing off his mad wheelie skills, and I got to tell you – he got game!

I know it well that most of the job is done once you put a really powerful engine under the hood, but you have got to remember that it also needs a good driver behind the wheel to do it so good. And what we have here is Twitty’s Liva Killa, with 1 060 HP, 622 Merlin engine under the hood that is ready to do some rock n’ rolling.

If I remember correctly, Twitty and his Liva Killa were having some problems a few years back, but after a full reconstruction, it is ready to kick some ass. Just watch this great wheelie stunt from last year’s Louisiana Mudfest contest.


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