How to Reduce Car Insurance Costs

If you’re looking to insure yourself on a new vehicle but have been a bit put off by some of the quotes, you might be looking to save money and find the right deal for you. Thankfully, there are a huge number of factors that could affect your car insurance cost, so a few of these tips could be enough to get a more favorable quote for you. Let’s have a look at them.

What level of coverage do you want?

The more you want your vehicle to be covered for, the more it’s going to cost. While it’s natural to want fully comprehensive coverage for a new car, this might not be necessary if you’re driving an older vehicle that you aren’t that concerned about. One of the best ways to reduce car insurance costs is to only get limited coverage.

What sort of car are you trying to insure?

It goes without saying that new, expensive vehicles cost more to insure. Not only are they more expensive to repair, but they could also be a bigger risk from theft. If you want to get the cheapest car insurance you can, then consider a cheaper, smaller and less appealing vehicle.

Where will the vehicle be kept?

This is also a big factor. if you’re going to keep your car in a garage overnight, it’s going to be cheaper to insure than if you’ve got to park it on a busy road or in a public car park.

How often will you use the vehicle?

When looking for insurance, you’ll be asked for an estimate as to how many miles you intend to do each year. While this is generally only an estimate, you should still give a realistic amount. if you’re going to use a vehicle a lot, it might cost more to insure as opposed to something you only use on the weekends. Using a car every day for work will normally lead to a higher insurance quote.

What’s your driving and insurance history like?

If you’ve had a number of accidents or claims on your insurance (as well as driving convictions), you’re not going to be an appealing proposition to insurers. This will lead to a higher quote, or some not wanting to insure you altogether. If you’ve got a clean driving history, you should be able to find a cheaper quote.

How old are you?

Even if you’ve got a completely clean driving history with no claims, if you’re too young you might still find car insurance costly.

Have you done a quote comparison search?

One of the best ways to really find the best quote is to make sure you’ve shopped around enough. Don’t just go for the first one you find. You’ve probably seen a number of price comparison sites around, and these can be a good way to compare lots of quotes at the simple click of a button — something which used to be much more difficult. Simply enter your details and let the system find the best quotes for you on a particular car. In the UK you can compare car insurance quotes using this Quote Radar page: But remember, there are a few insurers who aren’t on these comparison sites, so you might want to do a bit more additional research yourself.


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