King of the Streets! RESETTTING a New GTR ¼ Mile Record – 7.7 Seconds at 186 MPH!

After the introduction of the new King of the Streets at the Texas Speed Syndicate, today we are going to give you the latest of the great 2 000 HP Alpha Omega GT-R. It seems like this great car does not seem to stop giving us new joy and pleasure, as its driver Ivan Phipps, decided to take a full advantage of the good form and enthusiasm from the latest event, as well as from the good weather conditions don in Texas and try to set a new GTR ¼ mile record.

Team decided to take a 6 hour trip from Dallas to Baytown, at the Royal Purple Raceway, where it turned out that the weather conditions were not so great as they hoped it would be, so they quickly unloaded the car, made some small inspections and started with the first shakedown run. Fortunately the track was well prepared, Ivan was in a good mood, and the Omega was launched and took off.

But not everything went as smooth as they hope it would be, due to the weather conditions and some technical problems with the timing system, so tey had to return the next day. This time everything was much better, and the new record was inevitable – 7.7 seconds at 186.51 mph. So without further adieu, check out the video, it is a real treat for every GTR fan.


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