RIGHT FROM THE James Bond Movie!!! Check Out These Fantastic DISSAPEARING Car Doors!!!

Usually doors on cars open sideways. Where else? There have always been prototypes and even for commercial cars, usually sports cars, with a design for different doors, not because is more practical in reality, but since it’s “different” than other cars.

But, in the near future it’s quite possible that doors on cars will not open to the side or upwards, but in a different way.

This curious design is labeled “Disappearing Car Door” and what it does is that it visually removes the door when you need to open it. The whole point is that through a mechanism the door slips down to the bottom of the body of the car.

This is not just a re-design to make cars look more futuristic, since it has a practical function too. Imagine all the times you’ve parked and when you tried to get out you figure there isn’t enough space to get out because it conflicts with the car parked right next to yours. With this concept there is all the available space to exit and enter because the door itself vanishes from your view.

Currently only a prototype is available, but it looks interesting enough for more than one car manufacturer to incorporate it into its models and make current cars look like yesterday’s news.


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