ROAD WARRIOR STYLE 1973 CHEVROLET CHEVELLE – Car Constructed To Be A Getaway Vehicle To Rob A Bank In!!!

We are here today, at a new location, near the state prison, with a new car to present to you.  With a shiny new paint job done on it, the good looking aluminum rims mounted, with some new tires, eye candy car.

The 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle is a masterpiece of a car, looking nice outside as well as the inside of the car.*

You cannot go unnoticed while driving this kind of car in the block, everybody likes an old-timer looking like new. As the presenter of Big Muscle says, these cars were not popular back in the days that they were made. They were not sold in too much numbers either. But now, to see one rolling down the street, is exciting and new experience for you.

So we will drive the car, check out the performance that it has to offer, see the engine running at low as well as at high throttle, and then share the feelings with you. As the owner of the car says, he built this car for love, for driving it for himself, not to show off with it or trying to pretend that it is a show car. Must check it out:


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