Saleen Produces SA-30 Mustang, Camaro and Challenger Versions in Honor of Its 30 Anniversary

Saleen is celebrating 30 years of building racecars and tuning performance cars. To honor this grand success, this company has produced a limited-production car line titled as SA-30. There are three versions of the SA-30 model -- Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, and Chevrolet Camaro.

There will be just 10 units produced of each SA-30 model.

Its price starts at $95,000.

Saleen Vehicles

This price includes upgraded suspension, engines, and brakes. The specifications for the SA-30 620 Camaro, SA-30570 Challenger, and the SA-30 302 Mustang models are still not known. Most probably, it will amount 625 horsepower.

Each car will be finished in a custom pearl white hue and highlighted with black and yellow. The models` white wheels will feature yellow powder-coated brake calipers.

Saleen Vehicles

Interior-wise, there will be an adequate Saleen interior covered in black leather and white Alcantara on the seats. Plus, there will be SA-30 badge stitching.

What is even more awesome is the further customization possibility of the SA-30 models.

The customization includes a rear-seat delete option that turns each car’s cabin into a true race car interior featuring a chassis-strengthening rear cross brace.

Saleen Vehicles

The Saleen Frost-Touch Glass is the coolest option in the SA-30 302 Mustang. Just like the Mercedes Sky Control roof on the Mercedes SLK, the Saleen Frost-Touch Glass makes the optional glass roof of the Mustang, as well as its roof and rear window be changed from transparent to opaque with only a button click.


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