Sebastien Loeb Breaks Pikes Peak record with an 8:13.878!

Sébastien Loeb at Pikes Peak

Everyone who watches sports like “Pikes Peak” know about this, but here is the news for the ones who haven’t heard it yet. Sebastien Loeb demolished Pikes Peak record with an 8:13.878..This result not only makes him the holder of the title of Eight-Minute Club ever, but it surpasses the last year best time by more than 15%, which is a huge achievement!

Peugeot and the adrenaline junkie Sebastien Loeb were great team. They worked together for a long time to succeed at this and they did it. We are having a great amount of respect for them, bravo.

While Peugeot has certainly all the rights to be proud of it …we would love to see other manufacturers taking on this record and maybe improving it sometimes in the next few years…!


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