SEMA 2013: Hotchkis Debuts a New Classic Mustang suspension system Featured in the “Bullitt” Chase Scene!

One of SEMA`s most expected creations was the new classic Mustang suspension system from Hotchkis, who had a plan to recreate the famous chase scene from the movie “Bullitt.”

The suspension and chassis specialists were amazed. A Highland Green Fastback and a black Dodge Charger with the company’s new wares were showcased at this event.

Mustang Suspension System

The Mustang Fastback is actually a ’67 model which was transformed into a ’68 model. It exhibited Hotchkis’ new Stage 1 TVS bolt-on suspension system for the 1964.5-1970 Ford Mustangs.

The package features rear leaf springs with a 1.5-inch drop, front coil springs with a .5-inch drop, and front and rear adjustable sway bars. Plus, Hotchkis showed an alternative single-adjustment monotube shock as a separate component.


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