Semi-Truck Passing Like A Superman On The Highway, Amazing! YOU MUST WATCH THE VIDEO!

It’s quite unusual thing to give a semi-truck role of the famous hero Superman. We all know that the semi-trucks by their nature are heavy-weight vehicles and they couldn’t fly. But you can see everything on the highways, some interesting, some dangerous and many other situations.

This scenario goes like this, a guy is hauling the load with his semi-truck, doing his job and by some coincidence he has dash camera installed in his truck cabin. He is driving cautiously and suddenly a massive airborne in front of his eyes. Yeah, if he was retelling the story and hadn’t recorded the act no one would believe him.

The evidence can’t be ignored! The truck literally in front of his eyes jumped over the highway, yeah, like he was flying and because he was red it reminded us of Superman. The jump was followed by huge explosion and luckily the driver is still alive.

Imagine if the driver who recorded the video was 10 seconds ahead on the road, yeah, we don’t need to tell more. Watch the video bellow and you will see what happened.


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