Senna`s Black Honda NSX on!

Black Honda NSX
Have you ever dreamt on driving a beastly vehicle that had been in possession by a legend? Well, here`s your chance to purchase one. sells a Honda NSX allegedly in possession of the driven by the grand Ayrton Senna.

Senna gave a hand to the Honda tam when the NSX was produced, more precisely, he took care of the car`s tune aspects such as the car. Senna partly takes the credits for this Honda`s amazing handling.

It is assumed that Senna possessed three different NSX models. The first one is stocked in Quinta do Lago, Portugal; the second in Sintra, Portugal; whereas the third in São Paulo, Brazil.
The one in Sintra was in the owner`s possession for 17 years and has run up to 31,000 miles. The car is completely stock and even comes with the floor mats that have Senna’s footprint on them.

Proving whether this vehicle was actually driven by Ayrton Senna can be done through examining the footprints on the floor mats. Moreover, this issue is elaborated in Adrianne Galisteu’s book on pages 25 and 86:

“Ayrton Senna had 3 Honda NSX at his disposal. A red one in Quinta do Lago, in the south of Portugal in his Villa, lent to him by the Honda Motor Company. A black one chassis nº 000999, bought for him especially by Mr Antonio de Almeida Braga a.k.a “Braguinha” (personal mentor and sponsor) in a palace in Sintra near the Estoril circuit, mentioned in Adrianne Galisteu’s book (pages 25 and 86), and the other black one in S. Paulo Brasil. The one from Sintra I have owned for 17 years, is hardly used, has 31.000 miles, and is completely original with carpets used by Senna, the last time he drove it, inclusive of his foot print. I have now decided to put it for sell for the first time ever and tell it’s history.”

eBay prices the vehicle at £55,000.00.

We’re a bit quite not sure whether this car is the one we have been talking about. Maybe the footprints stuff is a good idea to shake off our skepticism.


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