SG One Tuned 1967 Ford Mustang!

We present you the beastly classic 1967 Ford “Obsidian Sg One” Mustang. This muscle has almost not been driven counting 500 miles on the odometer. Under its hood, there is a twin Rotrex supercharged V-8. Besides the powerful drive, this vehicle offers great stability. The SG One classic 1967 Ford Mustang can be purchased at US $315,000.00.

1967 Ford Mustang

Scroll down for the specs of this amazing classic.

1967 Ford Mustang

Engine: Obsidian 392 Cubic inch V-8, twin Rotex Supercharged and Intercooled with programmable fuel injection .
Power: 900HP (est.) on pump gas (with 1,000HP+).
Torque: 750lbs. ft. on pump gas (est.).
0-60MPH: 4 Seconds (est. & traction limited).
Weight: Approx 3,000lbs.
Length: 190.6? (Extended 7? to suit anyone up to 7 feet tall).
Wheels: 18?x8.5? Front & 20?x10? Rear CoupeR wheels /BF Goodrich KDW tires.
Twin C38 Rotrex Superchargers (each capable of up to 39lbs. of boost).
Twin Active Blow Off Valves.
Custom Billet Radiator Core Support, Firewall, and Pulley System.
351W based 392 Stroker w/Porcelain Black finish (900BHP on min. Boost).
Custom Aluminum Hogan?s Intake Manifold.
Twin Spearco Intercoolers.
Twin Viper Throttle Bodies.
Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers.
Big Stuff 3 Fuel Injection w/on board computer management/diagnostics.
Aeromotive Fuel Pump.
Custom Aluminum Made Fuel Tank, Sumped & Baffled.
Lunati Rotating Assembly Custom Built for SG-One.
Currie Doug Thorley Headers.
Custom Dual Exhaust.


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