SHOCKING AND HARD TO BELIEVE – Nissan GT-R exceeds 300 km/h on a public road !!!

Not all owners of supercars have bought an incredibly expensive car just to drive it around the track. Some of them do it for the love of the car and others to improve their self-esteem. There is a third, the most dangerous group of people who like to drive fast, but do not need actually the race track. For them is quite enough the civil road. Half of the poverty if we are talking about the inhabitants in Germany or the Isle of Man, where the roads are devoid of speed limits.

Unfortunately, our hero lives in the Netherlands, where many things are legal and lawful. But not for speeding. In the video, we see a young man with a very rich father, otherwise known as Pieter Kiveron, raging on public roads. We are dealing with another simply master who in the city runs 150 km/h and on the highway came up to 308 km/h. I do not know whether it is to brag about, but the video was uploaded to Youtube, probably hoping to arouse admiration. The driver, however, gave only an example of his stupidity, because driving  at speed of 300 km/h with a supercar on a level and straight highway needs no extraordinary skills.

You have to admit, however, that such speed is impressive, especially in the overtaken cars, going in the right lane. In the video footage, they look like a solid. The irresponsible Dutchman will pay for his crime because the police had already initiated proceedings.

Once again, we are dealing with manifestations of extreme stupidity behind the wheel of a supercar. Some people forget that the public road is not a racetrack. Or maybe they know this, but they realize that the track is only to be ridiculed with and hope that they will inspire awe in the streets.


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