SHOCKING FOR the RICH! Supersonic Business Jet! Check Out The Amazing Aerion AS2 !!!

By 2021 the “frequent flyers” of private jets (one per cent of the total number of passengers in flight) will perhaps be able to fly from New York to Paris in less than four hours in a more comfortable environment than a normal aircraft with long range.

Aerion Corporation, an engineering company and a world leader in commercial supersonic aviation technology headquartered in Reno, Nevada, has recently introduced a more spacious layout in its family of supersonic business jet. According to a press release, the company wants to bring the world into a new era of supersonic flight.

“The message coming from many operators of long-range business jets is now very clear: they want a supersonic jet as soon as possible,” said the CEO Doug Nichols at a press conference. “And I’m willing to pay more than $ 100 million for an aircraft passenger cabin that can offer a high comfort; this is the supersonic jet in which we are working. “

The desire for supersonic transport is steady and strong. The buyers are there and there is demand for a supersonic aircraft of this type: it is estimated that, in fact, there will be more than 600 units in 20 years. But in all this, when we will actually have one in service?

The people who can actually afford a long-haul flight of this type will stand drooling at the thought of being able to travel so quickly and conveniently around the world, but the wait is still long, and not before seven years to get certified flight.


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