Shooting the Pfaff Tunning`s Project 964!

Pfaff`s lead Tuning Consultant Eric Morrison presented the 949 in depth.

The car features H&R suspension components and coilovers. The result is a pleasant ride full of adrenalin.

Porsche 911 Pfaff Tunning

This car`s previous two drivers doors were removed with appropriate ones. Moreover, the body was painted in BASF equivalent to Das Sport Half cage and RS door were set up. The finishing touch were18″ NUE wheels in three pieces. Their size matches the car and they do not mettle with the corner fenders.

Pfaff is an example of a masterful combination classic past and contemproraneity.

Porsche 911 Pfaff Tunning

Modification List


  • A Gaurds Red complete exterior modification: glasses and trim
  • Brand new trim and seals
  • 993 mirrors
  • Guards Red Das Sport half cage

Porsche 911 Pfaff Tunning

Performance Alterations

Interior Alterations

  • Porsche floor mats
  • RS door panels

Tires/ Wheels


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