Simple Tips on Windshield Repair and Fixing Auto Glass

You must have been the ‘victim’ of stones that ‘attack’ your car while driving many times. Since the windshield is on the first line of defense, it is clear that it suffers the most. Very often, you are not even aware of when the impact happened. You just see a crack or chip on the glass.

Clearly, you don’t have too many choices. These damages must be fixed. If the cracks are larger and interfere with your sight while driving, a complete auto glass replacement will probably be necessary. That can be a high cost, but it shouldn’t be something to skimp on. A broken windshield directly endangers your safety while driving.

As explained on, DIY repair of the windshield is possible depending on the degree of damage. In most cars, the front car glass consists of two panes of glass with a special foil between them. Repair is possible only when both layers are not damaged or when the crack is not too large.


Having a Repair Kit Is a Must

Before you start working on your car and need to get it ready for winter, you should always have a windshield repair kit in your car. This product won’t cost more than a few tens of dollars, and you can find it in every car part store. In case you can’t find it in your local store, you can order these kits online.

Windshield repair kits usually contain epoxy resin, which will be used as an adhesive. Keep in mind that this component has a shelf life. So feel free to check the expiration date. If this information is not stated on the package, ask the vendors for how long the kit sits in their stores.

Always use a repair kit by instructions. Pay particular attention if resin needs UV light to harden or air exposure is enough. Always wear a pair of gloves when fixing the windshield this way. That will prevent tiny glass particles from stabbing into your skin.


Inspect the Size

You will have to inspect the chip size before you fix it. Anything bigger than a quarter requires professional intervention. The same goes for cracks that are longer than 5 dollar bill. Unprofessional handling of these damages can make things even worse.

The location of cracks matters, too. If the chips are small and somewhere on the edge of the glass, then you can dare to repair them. But if you are dealing with damage that obstructs your view, DIY repair is not the solution. A professional repairer will assess whether the windshield needs servicing or replacing.


Clean Glass

After the impact, small pieces of glass usually remain in the cracks. Also, dirt and dust accumulate in these tiny holes. That can cause the repair process to be more difficult and time-consuming. So you should act as soon as you spot damages on auto glass and clean it before using a repair kit.

Buy products specially designed for windshields and use them according to the instructions. You can buy these in any car shop. The alternative is pure alcohol. Both products should be applied with a cloth, not directly on the windshield. Repeat cleaning after the resin thickens.


First Aid

Windshield repairs can only be done by getting the proper tools. But you can still use some alternatives as first aid. For example, you can use nail polish or tape for small cracks. These will help you seal the small chips. Keep in mind that these patches are only temporary, and you can hold them only until you get to the glass repairer or use a repair kit.

Using nail polish for small cracks will help you create a better bond between separated glass (more on other methods see here). It acts as an adhesive and will seal the surface hole on glass. It’s a good idea to always have this product in your car. Apply nail polish on both sides of the cracked windshield. When you use it, act fast, as this adhesive dries in a matter of minutes.


A professional windshield repair is always a good idea. That way, you don’t leave anything by chance. But if you have a proper patch, tools, and some DIY skills, you can fix some minor cracks yourself and save some time, money, and nerves.


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