Can You IMAGINE Riding A Skateboard With ONLY ONE WHEEL? Check Out The Awesome Onewheel! YOU WILL FEEL REBORN!

Last year we saw one prototype of this unique sort of skateboard that was impossible to be ridden, hard to balance and for a moment we thought that it is one the most stupid prototypes ever made. But we were wrong.

This year, at CES 2015 was introduced the improved version of the Onewheel with better balance, easy for use, and we can say that the engineers brought this invention to a whole new level.

In the middle of the Onewheel is one Go-kart wheel, basically between your legs when you ride it. As you can see on the video the guy who introduces it, Sam Sheffer says that it is easy for use and can overcome every obstacle on the way, even you can go off-roading with it, if you are more experienced do some crazy tricks, avoid traffic jam and said with other words, a gadget for multiple usage.

We are not so convinced of the breaking system but we were impressed from the iPhone app that comes with the Onewheel.

In order to see how it’s moving and what roads can be driven with it we recommend you to watch the video and listen to Sam who is explaining in details and tries one himself.


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