SMALL but POWERFUL V8 Chevy Engine (Stinger 609) Sounds Like a GARGANTUAN ONE! MUST SEE!

For $ 8,257.75 for this tiny V8 engine can be yours. A piece that would look good on any desk. Meet the Stinger 609.

Have you heard of Conley Precision Engines? We also haven’t … until today. This small American company dedicated to designing and building scale model engines, built this 1/4 scale model V8 engine.

The engine is 35.5 cm long, 15 cm wide and 25 cm high having to rely on the supercharger. Yes, indeed, it has a supercharger. Incidentally, this engine has it all as a full-scale engine: electric starter, oil circuit, liquid cooled, timing belt tensioner, dual carburetor. In any case, everything it needs to produce some crazy power!

Talking about power, the very logical question would be: how much? A staggering 9 horsepower at 10,000 rpm, taken from 100 cc displacement. A little piece that will apply to those who do not like cars or mechanics, but a true object of worship for the fans who will be willing to give $ 8,257.75 for a replica of this Stinger 609 engine.

The element that would look good on the desk of any petrolhead. Bored with your job? The solution would be the distance from the start button …


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