SO SORRY! Nissan GT-R HEAVILY SMASHED In An Accident at Carolina Motorsports Park !!!

If a man wants to race with high speed, it is quite logical that the first thing he would think about is going to a circuit. The one suitable place where he would be able to find out the limits of his vehicle. One of the circuits for that is the Carolina Motorsports Park located in Kershaw, South Carolina.

From time to time heavy accidents happen on circuits, which is more or less usual and expected to see there. In spite of winning finish on NASA Time Trials with a 1:36.4 lap, that day proved a heavy ride one for one particular Nissan GT-R. The driver in this Nissan GT-R featured in the next video pushed the gas pedal little too much when the tires of his car hit some dirt next to the track. The final outcome of that was a big spin on the track with a heavy direct impact into the tire wall. Fortunately nobody got injured, except for the car itself.


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