Somebody Call the Fire Department – This Van is on Fire!

It looks like this van that you are about to see in the video bellow is about to ‘burst into flames’ at any given moment. I guess the poor vehicle, just as its driver/owner, are way to excited because of those high modifications coming with the Jet engine and can not wait to see how well will they do on the drag strip.

And if you ask me – despite on what the author of the video is claiming – it did not do well in the battle with time. Yes, it really looks like it is just about to explode from all that power and flame throwing show that gives to the audience, but as you will see it for yourself, the start is pretty lame, just as the rest of the driving.

Unfortunately there are no numbers so that we can see clearly just how good (or bad) this cute little yellow van was, but it sure would be good for a 4th of July spectacle some day. Check it out!


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