Specifications about the Caterham 620R!

Caterham 620R
The Caterham R500 got its doppelganger and that`s the 620R, planned to be presented at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

A F2.0-liter Ford Duratec engine will power the 620R to deliver 219 lb-ft at 7,350 rpm and 311 bhp of torque at 7,700 rpm and. Thus, in 2.79 seconds, the 620R will run 0-60 mph.

There is a race-specified cooling system and a gunmetal chassis. For airflow improvement, there is an especially modified new cone. The rear suspension is of De Dion type settled on 13-inch alloys in Avon ZZR tires.

49,995 GBP (74,600 USD / 58,000 EUR) is the starting price planned for later this year. In comparison to the outdated R500, there has been price booming.


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