SPECTACULAR FUN – The Best of Rally Crashes in 2014 – DID THEY LEARN the LESSON?

OMG! Just take a look at these major crashes which took place this year at various rally events in the Czech Republic, Hungary and mostly in Poland.  We can cars such as Honda Civic R Type, Peugeot 106, Volkswagen Golf Mk 2, Lada Riva 2107, Fiat Seicento and others. Watching this footage we can assure ourselves that there is really nowhere safe to stand during a rally. You might call this compilation a spectator’s guide to safety in Eastern Europe. 🙂

While they enjoy watching rally crashes, people also have a great respect for the drivers. When it comes to rally, the race is always happening at speed of 200 km/h between trees, electric poles, houses and pillars on bumpy roads, mix of dry and wet surfaces, roads that are dirty with gravel and dirt on top of the asphalt, etc. There are so many different conditions at once that one has to be extremely focused to properly control the car in such conditions on roads that can go for kilometers of corners that never repeat. One can never know what’s he’s about to face during a rally. Now this is something to really admire at. Enjoy the show!


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