SPECTACULAR VINTAGE CAR COLLECTION Found In Nebraska: The 500 Darlings Of Mr. Lambrecht!

60 years old cars, many of them as good as new: In the US, a former Chevy dealer has dissolved an unprecedented vintage car collection. The now 95-year-old Ray Lambrecht had hoarded cars for decades. The old gentleman took the sale of 500 copies quite well.

“A new car, just one mile on the counter,” shouts the auctioneer in the crowd. The new car is a car from 1958. The virgin piece of automotive history, a turquoise Chevrolet Cameo, was never driven. Every second Yvette Vanderbrink rattles at the auction for the latest bids down, for $ 140,000 the pick-up is finally sold. A sum which the head of the auction house would not even counted.

In the US state of Nebraska was a treasure trove for vintage collectors opened back in 2013. In a field near the small town of Pierce, the entire remainder of the former Chevrolet dealer Ray Lambrecht was auctioned. The event had to take place in the open air – no hall within the municipality would have provided enough space for over 500 classic cars.

That the Lambrecht Auction for weeks was great excitement, however, was not only on the sheer numbers of vehicles. Quite the opposite: It was mainly the very small numbers that justified the legendary reputation of the auctioned weekend collection. Although some of the Chevys submitted were from the fifties or the sixties, the mileage is one digit on their speedometers.

The Lambrecht family must have been very pleased with the total amount of the auction was 1 million U.S. dollars. The former owner, Ray Lambrecht was 95 years old during the time of the auction and in need of care. It is unclear whether he had ever planned to disband the collection. His daughter had initiated the auction.

What was once just an urban legend became a dream come true for all the car collectors.

If you want, (and we know that you desperately want) to hear the full story and find out which are all those classic cars waiting for you to restore them, just play the video below and feast your eyes.


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