2 Million Views – SPITTING FLAMES – GOES BERSERK !!! Another Fantastic Drifting Spectacle By Mad Mike…!

Mad Mike is one hell of a crazy dude for sure! The man knows his job really good. And does it with exciting pleasure too. Maybe it’s a little bit hard to see it on the video below but still you can actually feel the fire coming out from his eyes bursting with explosive passion for wild and unseen drifting.

Perfectly aware what kind of effect his sensational drifting produces on the audience, he pushes himself to the utmost limits of his imagination and capability. And I mean literally! So, during the victory burnouts at the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge in 2012, around the Eastern Creek Raceway he lit the fire of victory with his Quad-Rotor MadBull RX7 spitting flames with no exhaust.



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