Steve Strope`s T-5R Martini Racing Mustang!

T-5R Martini Racing Mustang

Steve Strope is a fascinating mind that makes up a whole story before making his new car vision true. He links different series of events in such a creative and totally unexpected way.

Steve is the genius who selected `66 Mustang over a bigger model only because the usage of Shelby R components. If you are not a Shelby expert, you would definitely not be able to decode the Shelby complex composition of tiny tidbits. It consists of Shelby radio-delete plate, knobs, handles, door panels, and various other details.

There is more to it than these tweaks. The engine pulls the whole mastery out. Thus, Strope looked for a new one at the Ed Pink Racing Engines.  There was the right one, the 255ci, V8s that powered Indy cars from 1964–1978, which was qualified as No. 1 at the `64 race and was the winner at the ’65 event.

The front transmission engine mount was custom-built, whereas the rear mount is Ford Mustang.


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