StreetPong – TRAFFIC LIGHTS Video Game – Don’t Get Bored Waiting for a Green Light!

2 years ago, several students from the HAWK University in Germany have developed a concept that they have called StreetPong. Basically it is a system that is placed on traffic lights, includes a touch screen and allows pedestrians to play the video game Pong while waiting for the green light to turn on and cross the street.

This system is now implemented on a street in the German city of Hildesheim and is renamed ActiWait, according to its purpose to actively wait for the green light.

Pedestrians can play this game with pedestrians across the street, and when the traffic light will turn green, the game stops and informs them that they can cross over.

The purpose of this system is to deter pedestrians in the intention to go before the green light is turned on the traffic light. This way they get the opportunity to be entertained, so the waiting would not been boring.

The ActiWait system is currently represented on the Indiegogo platform for group financing, where users can give their support. The desire of the developers is that the system to be installed in many places and in many cities around the world, hoping to reduce the number of pedestrians who cross over the street on a red light.


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