Seeing a crazy wheelie with a car at a drag race is surely a real delight for every car enthusiast. We’ve seen also incredible wheelies done by mad trucks demonstrating enormous power and skills. However, a wheelie with a powerful backhoe such as the one featured on the video is something on a completely new level of abilities.

Just take a look at this mind-blowing dragster backhoe that is capable of passing the 1/4 mile in just 17 seconds with 82 miles per hour. This incredible sight was seen at the at Rocky Mountain Nationals event that took place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada back in 2007. The world-famous backhoe which you see on the video below called JCB GT is built by the Australian company for constructional and agricultural equipmentJCB Construction Equipment Australia. The backhoe was originally built for the purpose of performing high-speed wheelies at racing events.

Just a month ago, it was declared by Guinness as the fastest backhoe in the world reaching speed of 72.58 miles per hour 116.82 km/h). Enjoy this amazing show!


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