Supercharged Mercedes E63 is Trying to Take on a Nissan GT-R! Come on Man – Get Serious!

As we all know very well just how good (maybe even the best) and luxurious cars have been made by the famous German car manufacturer, we also know that one should not step over its boundaries and go in another man’s territory. And the guy in the Mercedes from the following video clip should also know it better. But than again, some people…

What we have here is highly modified and tuned up Mercedes E63, with a supercharged engine that can produce astonishing 720 HP versus the world’s fastest street car, the well known legend and a wet dream for every gearhead on the planet, the Nissan Skyline GT-R with an engine that generates 600 HP.

And I’m guessing that those 120 HP plus were the reason why this guy decided to challenge the master, and the master obeys him. How do you think this illegal street challenge is ending? Check out the video.


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