Suzuki Samurai Off Road 4X4 STUCK IN MUD….WILL HE MAKE IT?

This is why it is absolutely necessary and essential to have a 4×4 vehicle when you are traveling off-road. This video that you are about to see is a perfect demonstration on everything that can happen whilst driving on a dirt and muddy road.

This small 4×4 Suzuki Samurai SUV is getting in a real trouble when it gets stuck in big ass mud hole, in the middle of a dirt road and it seems like there is no way out of it and the only thing that can save the day is a tow truck. But the guy in the Samurai knows it better.

After a lot of struggling in that mud pit hole, the driver somehow manages to make an absolutely amazing recovery and get out of that unfortunate situation. We can see the whole thing in the following video, from the moment he ‘steps in’, until it gets out. Really cool, check it out!


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