TERRIFIC 1970 Dodge Charger DRAG RACING a Chevelle SS! MUST SEE!

In this next video you’re about to see an incredible drag race with a grey 1970 Dodge Charger R/T  with a supercharger and a red Chevy Chevelle. The Charger did a short but loud burnout to start up the racing atmosphere, while the driver of the Chevelle was a little modest. Both of these muscle cars had a good launch, but the Charger stood a little behind by the Chevelle which was passing half of the way to the finish. Still, the mighty Charger managed to catch up with the Chevelle and finish the race victorious.

Both of the cars look pretty good, but they probably had some nice job done to be able to drag race at speed of over 141 miles per hour. What would you say think about these two gorgeous beauties? Which one is your favorite muscle car?

This great video is a courtesy of YouTube user 70CHARGERREGISTRY. Enjoy watching this great race!


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