IN YOUR FACE UNBELIEVERS! The Devel Sixteen Is Here To Prove On The Dyno Run IT REALLY HAS OVER 4500HP In Its Muscles!!!

Nobody had ever believed that there will be a car with 5000HP when it was announced two years ago. Now there is truly a car with 5000HP and it was put to the test on the dyno, to show its power.

The car is the Devel Sixteen which has the enormous V16 engine, and before we saw the car, it was announced as the Super-Hypercar. Everybody was going skeptic on this car, because nobody wanted to believe that this kind of monster of a car can exist and can be made. Now that is here, the car gets to be tested on the dyno and the car gets the final laugh at the faces of all unbelievers.

The engine has the unique engine because it is V16 and it has only one crankshaft, it is the most powerful engine ever built for a production car. It is also the first and only V16 engine which is quad turbo and made for the production car. Many firsts for this car, and the first time at the test will show what it really can do on the road as a production car.


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