The Iveco Turbostar Truck Unit vs a BMW! Unusual Drift Battle That Doesn’t Happen Every Day!

Greetings my dear fellow drift fans! Here is definitely something that you don’t see every day while browsing on the Internet for various awesome drift events and projects. I know we’ve seen a lot of unusual and funny ways to have fun drifting. Some use old classic cars heavily tuned to sustain the hard drifting efforts; some make the most of their usual daily cars. Other people even try and successfully manage to drift with vehicles that are soooo out of drifting purpose – for example, a customized van with V8 engine. 🙂

But, drifting with a tractor unit? And even use it to drift battle a BMW E30?! How can that be? But, anything is possible in this impossible world of ours. The brave unusual drifting rookie in the video you’re about to see is an Iveco Turbostar.



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