1M Facebook SHARES – The Most Dangerous Road In The World – THE ATLANTIC OCEAN ROAD! A Route With A Spectacular Ocean View!

Bends, wildlife and spectacular scenery are the ingredients that transform an Atlantic road trip in one of the most beautiful experiences in your life!

The 8.3 km long Atlantic Ocean Road is connecting the cities Molde and Kristiansund, urban centers of the region located in the fjords of western Norway. The road starts approximately 30 miles southwest of Kristiansund and ends 47 miles north of Molde, Mediafax.

The road winds across low bridges that seem to come from the sea uniting a chain of islands between Molde (famous for its jazz festival which is hosted annually in July) and Kristiansund in the western fjords.

The Atlantic road passes a very dangerous west coast of Norway, named Hustadvika. Breathtaking storms which deviate the area have brought the end of many ships over time. But when the ocean is quieter there are spectacular views of the open water surface, being driven by a variety of birds, seals and even whales. Check this out on the video below:



62 thoughts on “1M Facebook SHARES – The Most Dangerous Road In The World – THE ATLANTIC OCEAN ROAD! A Route With A Spectacular Ocean View!

  1. There’s no sound on these sites so should I dislike you or what, I liked it tell it went silent….

    1. admin

      Paul, I double check the video and it has sound, maybe some minor problem on your side?

    2. Brett

      Turn the ringer volume up

  2. Matt

    I got sound but that isn’t the most dangerous road in the world India has the most dangerous road that road right there is a cake walk compared to India’s Road

  3. John-Patrick

    I can confirm I have audio too.

  4. Martin

    Just saying. these storms are in norway maybe like each 15 years. even tough we have had alot of them this last year. i live close to the Atlantic Ocean Road and its actually pretty calm. me and my dad is crossing it every time i’m coming home from school every weekend. he has a job in Molde and picks me up there then we need to cross it to get to Averøya. and every time i have crossed it it’s calm. this is not worlds most dangerous road. i have seen roads much more dangerous on videos from america and Russia.

    1. Hämis

      Russian roads (where there is one) aren’t so dangerous, but the drivers in there are the ones which makes them look like dangerous. Without Russian drivers the roads are very easy.

      1. Mac ( Post author )

        That only proves that we as drivers must have greater awareness while driving on the road.

  5. shawn

    I get so annoyed with script kiddy asstard tactics and their annoying popups when one visits a site.

    1. admin

      That is one time little popup to like our FB page! Sorry if that offended you Shawn!

      1. It does pop up before the rest of the page even has a chance to load. I too find them quite annoying and intrusive to my user experience. I’ll like the page and share content if I think it is interesting and that it will appeal to the people I mix with online. No need for an over enthusiastic popup.

        Not as bad as the share this type ones that pop up before you’ve even had a chance to consume the content you were interested in – they’re the worst.

  6. Chabelle

    Free car wash! Lol!

    1. admin

      Definitely free but also dangerous!

      1. Peder Søbstad

        It’s definitely NOT very dangerous. I drive there twice a day. Sometimes in heavy weather crushed waves are being flung across one of the 8 bridges. I’ve droven through the waves several times, and it’s not frightening at all, after all it lasts only for maybe one second. But afterwards the car ought to be rinsed all over with fresh water 😉 I never get bored of driving that road, even if it’s not dangerous.

        1. Fresh eyh?

          It aint fresh water, its salt, and it will eat away on your car intill it dies off rust.

          1. Mac ( Post author )

            I believe Peder Sobstad said that the car needs to be washed afterwards with fresh water. Not that the water splashing on the road from the ocean is fresh water.

      2. Pål André Grimstad Worren

        Yeah, if this is dangerous then I guess you really shouldn’t come to Norway. You’d die the moment you stepped out of the airplane.

  7. Hunter

    Do not ever buy a second hand vehicle from Norway…..their cars must rot in a few years

  8. Hell the road I live on is the most dangerous one i know around my place

    1. admin

      Miguel, where do you live?

      1. Trevor Phillips

        Your mom’s place

  9. Mikkel

    This video was recorded off of Youtube, why not just link to the original one?

    1. admin

      Mikkel, It is actually embedded on this website !

  10. Justin

    I would drive it, but how would you like to be the guy to build that road? NO THANK YOU

  11. Jogindde

    I think it’s more Spectacular than dangerous….and not to mention an Engineering feat…I hope I get to visit one day…

    1. admin

      Maybe it needs to be featured on National Geographic!

  12. Just imagine falling down there and the struggle to get back up land x) omg

    1. Mark Ipler

      If you are unlucky enough to actually fall into the ocean, be it by accident or choice. You wouldn’t be able to get up without help. Given the currents formed by the bridges, and the decent waves. While I haven’t fallen into the ocean at that location(Nor do I wish to) it seems highly logical that you would have a really, really hard time not dying.

  13. Roger Simpson

    Fantastic video and nicely shot. What an incredible piece of engineering to build it in the first place.

    1. admin

      Agreed Roger!

  14. Gypsy

    I have sound but no picture

  15. Brian Brinkley

    Interesting video on a scary road! Sound & video works fine for me. I think I’d be driving like granny on this highway!

  16. Shohel Majumder


  17. Excellent Video! Riding in this road is trilling but, once we lost, it’s hard to find. My god.

  18. barry king

    I agree with Luke Munell 29th sept, the most dangerous road in the world is Yungas Rd Bolivia ( Death Road ) claiming up to 300 lives/ year , reaching a height of 15000ft. ! Mainly single lane, no guard rails, sheer drops of 1500ft , rockfalls , even a waterfall at one stage. Plus this is 40 miles long. Featured on various TV programmes. The Atlantic road , looks like a walk in the park, so a wave comes over the road , big deal, happens all the time here in Blackpool and in most coastals towns.

  19. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn how do u go to this place oh man

    1. Col. G

      Go on a plane to Norway!

  20. Wayne Thompson

    I just drove through the glacier national park in montana and drove the road to the sun.this road is unreal as well
    only open in the summer.
    how they built this road in the early 1900 is behind me.its about 28miles long through rogers pass along cliff cliff faces amazing., I would like to do it again when there is less traffic and I could stop and just look down from far above.
    they say its the crown of con.

  21. Mm

    How did they build it?

    1. Pål André Grimstad Worren

      About the same way you build any other fjord crossing bridge. Shouldn´t be a hassle given the small islands to fundament the bridge on.

    2. Kjetil

      With asphalt and concrete.

  22. Yeah, definitely not *the* most dangerous in the world. Not even dangerous. Lol

  23. Sonja Holmedal

    It is not a dangerous road but a beautiful road.I have just returned from Norway.

  24. Hallvard

    It is not very dangerous at all. But very nice. Just because the ocean nearby can be dangerous for boats does not mean that the road is.

  25. Kjetil

    The most dangerous road in the world?!? Is this a joke?! I’m norwegian and I know this road and it’s far from dangerous as long as you maybe avoid it during the worst storms which I’m sure the road will be closed anyways. If you want to see a really dangerous road, google road of death in Bolivia.

  26. yvette

    I give the builders kudos…holy crap that had to be the scary part of this road. I wanted to see the part where the road climbs up high…so that disappointed me. Now I am going to check out the other road mentioned.

  27. jason

    Ft Irwin rd I n death valley California is extremely dangerous. I was stationed there. 30 min to get to town. Grave markers,in both sides about every min apart or so.

  28. phill

    it must be the idiots driving on it because I didn’t see nothing dangerous about that road

  29. sporttster

    It’s not dangerous until a nice sized wave comes up and sweeps you and your car off the edge! It can happen. With all the pounding that road/bridge takes it’s a wonder it stands. One good sized storm in that area and bye bye road and whoever is on it!

    1. Bjørn Gunnar Bendiksen

      The biggest danger on that road wold probably be tourists forgetting to watch the traffic.
      The road is fairly new and is constructed to withstand heavy weather. (and it cost so much that it was built when the transport minister was from the area.. go figure) Norway have many roads and bridges that are being closed down for traffic when the weather says so. Nothing special there. I am pretty sure they keep a good eye on windforce (and perhaps wavehights here as well. – That is a bit uncommon, even in Norway). Spectacular, impressive, beautiful, perhaps scary, yes. Dangerous? Not if you use common sense.

      1. Mac ( Post author )

        Thanks for sharing your experience with us Bjorn!

  30. arvind

    The roads not dangerous in fact it’s fun driving on this road…but hey guys, how do they construct with such forceful waves..??

  31. Mary Li

    This is a very spectacular road. The view is marvellous. I’ve travelled it several times. In the autumn and winter there are storms, but the road closes when necessary for safety. If you want to get really scared, feel free to drive this road: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGA3qXQs1wE

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Thanks for sharing that with us Mary Li!

  32. johny

    Don’t look like the most dangerous but may be the most dangerous to actually build engineering wizards

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      You might be right Johny. It definitely is an architectural wonder.

  33. torkil

    Fifth gear did drive the Atlantic road som years ago and they did call it the one of the 10th most spectacular road in the world .They was there during the summertime in nice sunny weather and said many times that it was an masterpiece of an road and a road everybody should visit and drive .

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Well since the guys at Fifth gear say so, that speaks a lot for this road.

  34. Maciek

    Come to Poland and drive along “Zakopianka”. You will realize that man’s stupidity is mauch more dangerous than the power of nature.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      We should definitely do that Maciek.

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