The New Gorgeous Bugatti Vision GT Is Here And It Sounds Just Great!!! HEAR THE PROOF!!!

The Bugatti Company is well known about making beautiful cars, powerful cars and expensive cars as well. This combination is a win win, and they keep on wining. The all new Bugatti Vision GT is here, finished, polished and let us tell you, it looks amazing.

The jaw dropping design, the paint job, and the boy line is made perfect and there is not one mistake made by the Bugatti team. Some people were talking about how Bugatti will not manage to build this car, and rumors about the enormous engine that it has under the hood, but this video is a proof that the Bugatti GT is here and it sounds amazing. The big engine that is powering the beautiful car is a 16 cylinder engine.

Too much for a car a? But the Bugatti teams doesn’t think so and they claim that the car can hit the 250 miles per hour mark, with no trouble at all. With this giant engine, there is no question about it, but we will wait for speed proof as well. Until then check out the sound that is coming from the exhaust:


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