OMG – BE PREPARED – The New Supervettes SV7 is Coming This Fall!

Great news for all the need for speed addicts – the new Supervettes SV 7 is set to have its debut this fall.


The latest news has just come out, saying that the new model of the Supervettes SV 7 will go on for sale this upcoming fall. First release details are pretty tiny, but yet, we can still form a vision about this extraordinary supercar.

The basics for the new model are taken from the Corvette Stingray and it will feature a wide body kit and the hood will be pretty much revised. People from Chevy obviously do not want to share much information about their new baby, so the amount of info about this “obscure object of our secret desires” is limited.

supervettes 4

But the conclusion we can all take from the words of Jason Hunkler (the founder of Supervettes) that the upcoming model will rival the looks of the new Corvette ZO 6, is that we can all expect something really special and good looking.

supervettes 1

As far as the specifics for the secrets under the hood, we should be expecting a range of performance upgrades which will limit the engine to generate more than 625 HP and 635 lb feet of torque. We are all looking forward to the next months to update you with every new detail that will come out about this new wonder car.


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