The Real Evidence Of Manhood!!! Idiot In So Called Monstrous Ford Truck Irons Down A Classic Restorable Car!!!

In case you haven’t known until now, THIS is how you prove your power and manhood. You take a crappy tractor frame and drivetrain, put a Ford truck body on it, and go out on a merciless hunt for old classic cars. I’m guessing by the wheels that it was an old Massey Ferguson/McConnell Marc artic tractor.  Just take a look at this guy. Instead of selling this restorable 1976 Oldsmobile Omega and earn at least 5,000 dollar for the parts, he chose a different way to use the car – prove that he’s still a man in his late 50’s.

However, this must be his first time driving over at something because he doesn’t look very skilled at it. Either that or the guy is just a huge wuss. Why does he do those unnecessary girly throttles when the tires come into contact with the blue Oldsmobile?


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