OMG this is INSANE! the ULTIMATE Moments Monster Truck Grave Digger!

It is said by many that Monster Truck Grave Digger is probably the best monster truck ever built! So if you are familiar with this insanely great machine, you will truly enjoy the next ten minutes of the video bellow, with some of the best moments of power and skill demonstration from this famous Monster Truck. And if you did not know him (well) by now – and you are IN Monster Trucks – you will get your new favorite!

This compilation is showing all great things a skillful driver (like the legendary Denis Anderson) can do when he has a great piece of machine on his hands. With a 555 cubic inch Merlin under the hood that develops over 1 500 HP, Grave Digger is making some great drifts, jumps, incredible crashes and many more.

And I can only imagine all the things this monster can do in a larger space (an outdoor area) than in the stadium, which has a limited space for manoeuvre and all the other crazy things it is capable for.

But anyway, after watching of this video, you will forget about Monster Truck Madness 2 and other games, because nothing can bit Grave Digger! Check it out!


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