The ULTIMATE SUPERCAR BUGATTI CHIRON That Will Make The Other Supercars Suffer In Despair

The Chiron will use the same W16 engine but with pumped output of 1,500HP and increased torque of 1,106lb-ft! We must admit, this enormous power will shame a lot supercars and even the F1 cars. The acceleration time will be lowered on just 2 seconds to 62mph and hitting the maximum speed of 288mph! OMG, this would be a hell of a beast! And this pleasurable speed will provide the electric-actuated turbo charger and the direct-injection!

Honestly, we can’t wait to see this baby beast born! The official introducing to the public is expected sometimes in 2016, until then we will keep you in touch with the latest news.

bugatti veyron w16 engine top view


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