The ULTIMATE Truck ‘Pushing Match: DODGE VS. CHEVY In A Fierce Bumper To Bumper Battle!

It is amazing how some people have fun! Wow! But we must admit, it’s kind of an expensive fun and you shouldn’t try it at home! Maybe you have an eternal opponent and you want to oppose him after you secretly upgraded your truck!

Maybe this is the most convincing way to prove the lead but first you should have a strong truck and believe in his strengths. Next you should armor your truck to the teeth with huge grille guards and bull bars so you won’t risk too much. That way you’ll have minimum damage on the body after the push off battle is finished!

But what about the engine? Does your engine roars so badly under huge throttle pressure? Do you believe in your torque? Just look how this battle is going and if you are interested you can consult a mechanic and take matters into your own hands!

Play the video bellow and see how these beasts are doing it, Dodge Cummins standing head to head with the Chevy Duramax! The battle is scary and exhausting so if you want to find out who takes the lead watch it! We place our bets on the Dodge!


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