The World’s First Yacht With A Built-In Garage For Boats – CRN Mega Yacht J’ade!!!

Helipads, water slides, movie theaters have become a common addition to super yachts of the rich people. This stylish Italian yacht made by the company CRN includes something that no one else in the world has- namely, the built-in garage for 8-meter boat, in which you can swim.

Specifically, it is a “garage” which is filled with water from the ocean in order to be able to accommodate smaller boats. 18,000 liters of water are emptied in just three minutes, so there is no need for any lift or hydraulic device that would increase the ship.

When the boat is not in the garage, this space can be filled with water from the ocean and serves as a pool.

One year ago, this yacht has become the center of attention at the yacht show in Monaco and was a finalist in the category for best interior. The 60-meter long yacht can accommodate 10 guests in 4 cabins and suite owner, as well as 13 crew members. In addition to the impressive garage, the yacht also features a gym, a Turkish bath, an aquarium and a swimming pool. Each cabin has large windows that allow beautiful views of the sea.

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