The ZIPPER TRUCK Is Going To Change The Way Of Building Tunnels!!! Makes Me Wonder WHY NOBODY THOUGHT OF THIS TECHNIQUE BEFORE!!!

The construction workers that are doing the tunnel building are the most exhausted ones, only from one reason. It is very hard to place those concrete blocks on top of the tunnel and then give support to them so that the concrete could dry out. Before this zipper truck they were using the support of a steel bars connected together to hold those large cubes in one place. They would stay there for three four days and then the other part of the work comes, the removing of the steel bars.

Now with this amazing invention made by the company Lock-Block Ltd. that can be called an attachment for tunnel building for trucks will change the building of the tunnels therefore changing the world that we live in too. There will be more tunnels built and faster too, with great precision on the cubes. There will be no more construction of the support and removing that are two jobs that are scratches from the to-do list. When the workers saw this cool zipper truck coming they were so happy because there will be 90% speed up of the job and the heavy lifting is no more here.

Namely the invention is created with a rig that has rollers on it and circular shape. Half circle on top of a truck with plastic rollers on it, then you will know that the truck for the tunnel building is coming to help the process.

The job is when the truck is positioned on the tunnel to be place the concrete cubes are laid on top of it. The rollers are holding the cubes as long as the fast drying concrete does its thing and then the truck moves for a meter and the other cubes are placed too. This will speed up the process and the tunnels will be better and safer too.


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