WITNESS THE HEAVIEST DRIFTS EVER PERFORMED: This 200-Ton Caterpillar Dump Truck Spins Like A Tornado!

Yeah, you might have thought that this is one of the tricky titles you meet everywhere on the internet but this is true, this mammoth lady can dance!

Until now we’ve seen many amazing and unbelievable drifts on the genuine Gymkhana track and this time the EMC guys wanted to do something mind-blowing and different. Yeah, they put a hard task in front of them, to awake the adventurous spirit of the Caterpillar 789 Dump Truck and convince him to slide and spin like a lady. They were convinced in his enormous power, 78-liter V16 diesel engine with 2,000HP. We bet that this engine can make the 200-ton dump truck to dance.

To burn Dump Truck’s desire they needed a spark, strong enough to instantly transform into fire. And for that reason they asked Mike Ryan from Motorsports if he wants join them in their mission impossible act. Of course he agreed!

Now, would you like to place your bets? Yeah, we say that the 200 tons Caterpillar Dump Truck will burn the asphalt and leave huge rubber marks unseen before! And there is only one way to find out, to watch the video bellow.


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