This DODGE CUMMINS Owner is Really Overconfident! DOES HE SUCCEED?

Some guys really have confidence that there is nothing out there they can not cross over or overcome it with their super-powerful monster trucks! But not always…

Here we have a small convoy of big and powerful monster trucks going through a real mud ordeal in a woodsy area, where there are lots of mud pits and water holes. As you will see it for yourself, at the beginning, they are all managing to go through those mud holes, but afterwards, one of them, with what it appears to be a Cummins powered truck, is getting a little bit overconfident and tries to climb that almost 90 degree hill, with a deep water hole beneath.

And as you can presume, the guy is biting much more than he can chew. I guess he believes those truck commercial slogans to be true to the letter. Lucky for him, it did not end up worse. Just watch the video and see what I’m talking about.


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