Nothing Stops The Australians From Making INCREDIBLE Drag Cars!!! This Is GEMWAR – A Crazy Holden Gemini FULL OF ENGINE!!!

Australia is known to produce some really mean machines, drift and racing cars. Now we have the best Australian burnout car, we say burnout car because it was made just for burnouts and donuts, nothing else. The car is a Holden Gemini named “GEMWAR”.

By the name given from the owner, Jay Bloss, we know that this car will be the perfect burnout car. We can see that the engine is almost as tall as the top of the car, it is so big and heavy that at second thought it maybe is not the best one suitable for this car.

But he liked it, and he mounted it, for us it is left to see what the engine and the car can do. Keep in mind that this is only a burnout and donut car, it is not made for racing on the track. But sure it will make some unforgettable burnout with too much smoke coming from the tires.

We haven’t seen a Gemini car made so powerful before, but Australians have strange taste for cars, and they like the Geminis, and we like their videos.


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