This Is How You Impress Your Girlfriend 100 % – Build Her A Custom Built CSC Fab Rock Bouncer !!!

The one man that is raising the standards for all of the guys in the off-road world is called Jarod Yankee. Jarod is the proud owner and driver of the CSC Fab’s white trash Buggy. Well, at least what was once the white trash. After a few changes here and there it was transformed into a beautiful work of art. It took him 3 months to do this, while keeping the whole process in secret all the time.

Now it will be forever known as the Bombshell. However, the creation of this buggy is not amazing by itself, but the reason why he built it. Obviously, madly in love with his girlfriend Shannon, Jarod decided to surprise her and secure himself a certain place in her heart. The Bombshell is actually a surprise gift for Jarod’s girl.

The new rock bouncer for which you will surely be drooling over, is built with a rear LS1 engine,  TH400 transmission, a GM performance cam, an Atlas 3.0 transfer case, 43 inch tires mounted on custom built 14 bolt axles.

Not bad at all if I can say so myself. If you believe in brownie points, then Jarod here has just won the lottery of brownie points with this video!



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