THIS IS HUGE! 2015 (725 HP) Ford Mustang Rocket Supercharged – Galpin Auto Sports & Henrik Fisker!

The authoritative American tuning studio Galpin Auto Sports and designer Henrik Fisker as part of the international 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show presented the project Rocket on the basis of the 2015 Ford Mustang with engine power of 725 hp.

Making the car, the American experts were inspired by classic muscle cars. The appearance of the tuned car is significantly different from the standard 2015 Mustang. Experts of the studio GAS described the result of his work as “the ultimate American muscle car”, highlighting the excellent technical characteristics of the project.

With a variety of new body parts made by hand from carbon fiber, Ford Mustang in the version Rocket improved its aerodynamics indicators and “lost weight.” The exclusive exterior is highlighted by the gray color of the body and the big 21-inch ADV.1 wheels, shod in high-performance low-profile Pirelli P Zero tires. The interior of the tuned car is decorated with red leather and carbon fiber.

The plans of the tuning studio is to release 100 cars per year. The cost of the “charged” muscle car will be 125-156 thousand dollars.


12 thoughts on “THIS IS HUGE! 2015 (725 HP) Ford Mustang Rocket Supercharged – Galpin Auto Sports & Henrik Fisker!

  1. adam

    This is an obvious answer to Dodge’s Hellcat

    1. Mac

      Which car do you prefer Adam? 🙂

    2. brian

      Answer to the hellcat? It’s $125k to $156k and only 100/year, not produced by Ford. It’s twice the price and not a production vehicle from Ford

      1. Mac

        I wonder how the two of them would do in a drag race. What do you think Brian?

  2. Jeff

    it looks like a cross between a Hyundai Tiburon, a Fusion and a Camaro. WTF!

    1. Mac

      You’re right Jeff. It does resembles the Ford Fusion. Mostly the headlights and the grill. But I like that evil look of the car 🙂

  3. Karam

    Still … Ford is not willing to change the boring interior of Mustang.

    1. Mac

      Maybe next year we’ll see some improvements. By the way, what is it that in the interior that you don’t like Karam?

  4. Austin

    The hellcat would lose in a drag just like the SS and the srt8 baseline models did against the 5.0 in the quarter and 1/8 mile drag race. The hellcat will be the thing of past as soon as ford decides exactly what they want to do with new mustang. I mean come on they haven’t even made a 2015 supersnake yet and we all know if that happens it will have to be better than the last one, so I’m assuming roughly 1000rwhp or more. Also just think if they decide to make something like this for production you really think ford is going to let chevy or dodge out do them for a long period of time? I predict upset dodge and chevy owners sometime this year with a new ford mustang hitting show room floors! Idk why everyone got so excited about the hellcat it looks just like the plain old srt8 just more power that’s all! If I didn’t choose a mustang I’d get a 2014 Camaro Z/28. At least the chevy did something else besides add more power to the car, they also change the whole appearance to the Camaro inside and out along with plateform they used under the car along with brakes to the motor!

    1. Mac

      Thanks for sharing your opinion with us Austin. That’s a very interesting thought. I’m curious to see how things will develop in the future.

  5. Andy

    wow, Austin that is quite the opinion, it’s obvious your stuck on ford. Other manufacturers can build and produce better products than your fords. It just seems when your a one product person that person always bashes other products. I am also stuck on one product, but have learned that they all make good and bad products and will admit it. So when a manufacturer has the title to something, let them have it because that just makes another manufacturer to build something better. Makes things interesting.

    1. Mac

      That’s a very interesting way of thinking you have Andy. You have certainly inspired me a lot to see differently on cars and brands.

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