LET’S MELT THAT DAMN SNOW!!! This Sinister Lamborghini Huracan Will Deliver The Necessary Drifting Heat!!!

We all know how good it feels to be drifting on the snow, and this Lambo owner decided to use the winter time and the snow to make some drifting. He picked out the perfect track, because there are no bumps or dents to damage the Lambo, but it is nice track for drifting and showing what this car has to show. When we speak about a Lamborghini Huracan we know that it is very powerful and capable of doing some serious drifts on the asphalt.

But here on the snow it is even better, because of less friction between the tires and the snow. The tires just glide on the snow which enables the driver to make even more spectacular drifts. The drivers even stay in one point and just make circles with the Lambos, because in the snow that is the most fun that you can have. Although this is a good track, which has been cleaned from deep snow, there are still places where the tires go deeper than usual and the whole car just stops and starts turning by itself. But no worries, no damage can be done if a car hits the pile of snow.


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